409 Heath St, Milpitas CA 95035


Best eggrolls on the planet.  Too bad the owner sold it!  I loved that place and always bought eggrolls there.  The last few days, the owner was selling between 50-100 eggrolls per customer! PS – they had awesome Lo Mein noodles, too!

Valerie H., Mountain View, CA

This is a hidden gem in Santa Clara.  This place has the best egg rolls.  Better tban king egg roll hands down.  I always get my egg rolls here for special events.  If you are in the area it is a must.  The shop is a ma and pop dive but the food is good.

Egg rolls are the bomb here.

Jay J. , Santa Clara, CA

Great eggrolls, parking is horrid but there are cute ass cats in the back lot so it’s okay. Be careful when driving there because it’s awkward to drive in to.

Em L. , Santa Clara, CA

This review is for the eggrolls only.
My boyfriend was craving eggrolls and we ended up taking a one hour detour to try this place out… and let me tell you, it was worth it. Most eggrolls skimp out on the meat but this place does not! There was a good amount of meat to vegetable ratio and what makes this even better is that the meat itself was well seasoned ! The eggrolls were premade and left out on a warmer but it was still hot when we got them. In addition the sweet and sour sauce was on point. I highly recommend this place!

Jenny N. , San Francisco, CA

EGG ROLLS are the best! Super hot and fresh to order. Reasonably priced however CASH ONLY.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover it may look a bit skidish at first sight but egg rolls are the bomb!!

Chanel E., Palo Alto, CA

Eggrolls are out of this world…you have to try them chicken and pork  so so so yummy

Maribel M., Santa Clara, CA

is this place really closed!!!?
It had a great assortment of egg rolls and the  fried chicken wings were awesome as well.
Must have closed due to how inexpensive it was! I gotta drive by and see if the last review is correct about the  closure.If not,I absolutely recommend if you are in this area.

Brian D. , Campbell, CA

Best egg roll place around! Really cheap and especially delicious lol

Raymond S., Aurora, CO


how good is it?: It makes other eggroll places taste like… well all i could say is UGHHHH.  i literally cant eat other’s anymore or i’ll yak

Ap L., San Jose, CA

I had their egg rolls at a friend’s babyshower yesterday.  Could not resist so had three of them.  it is huge but So so good~  I asked the hostess whethere she made and was told that it was ordered from house of egg rolls.

Sona K., San Jose, CA

I enjoy coming here for the occasional Chinese food craving. Do they have good egg rolls…..well I sure think they’re pretty tasty, I’ve never had much from there besides that and fried prawns which I did enjoy as well. The owners are pretty friendly. They have an almost hot and ready serving area which I’d like my food made fresh, only dilemma,  well besides the they have orange chicken and a king pao with too many veggies and not enough meat lol

Teddy G. , San Jose, CA

Called in my order for egg rolls for a office gathering. Very good packaging and presented well, sweet sauce and soy sauce provided. Will go back, also have great lunch menu items for cheap.

Roger W. , Menlo Park, CA

love this little place on the corner, eggs rolls are awesome. the other food is good to prices are cheap and i love the home style ingredients in the food. don’t expect some classy Chinese 3 star restaurant, this is strictly in and out fast food. go there on the way to work to grab a snack or on the way home

Louis B., San Jose, CA

If you are looking for a place that is cheap and good House of Eggroll is your place. You have to try the eggrolls. I don’t like eggrolls but these are delicious.

Jehu C., Dallas, TX

This place is run by mom & pop but you can tell the whole family works there great service & a heck of a Lotta food for a great price !! Can’t pass this place up ..

Mario T , Sunnyvale, California